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Welcome to Easton Primary School's website - we hope you find it useful and it gives you a picture of the family friendly school we are!


At Easton Primary School, everything we do centres on the child which means the curriculum and enrichment is constantly reviewed to be focused on our pupils needs. Check out our Curriculum page and our 11 Before 11 enrichment page for more information. As a small primary school we have a very close community which means that all staff will get to know all of the pupils and their families. In doing this, we can support our children and families in many ways to ensure they have the best possible start to their formal education.


We believe that parents are their children's main educators and so the Staff, Local Advisors, etc. will work with you to provide a rich and stimulating learning environment which meets their needs, further information on how we do this specific to pupils additional needs can be found on our SEND and Pupil Premium pages. Easton Primary School believes that children need to be happy and feel safe first and foremost, once in this position children will thrive, learn and be curious and want to be here which is something we pride ourselves on. Our Safeguarding team and all the staff at Easton Primary School are aligned in this approach to ensure your child's time with us, is a memory they will always cherish.


Indeed, on this site we can provide only a brief picture of the range of activities, resources and opportunities we make available to our children. You can visit the Class Pages or Gallery to see what the pupils are currently working on. We can tell you about the curriculum, our aims, activities and successes, but we cannot convey our ethos or atmosphere as much as we would like. The best way to make an informed decision is to visit, preferably during the school day.


We hope you are encouraged to visit us and judge for yourself.


From all the staff at Easton Primary School