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11 Before 11 Enrichment

11 Before 11 Enrichment Offer


At Easton Primary School, our children are offered the opportunity to take part in 11 enriching activities before they are 11 years old. These activities have been chosen specifically because each and every one of them offer learning opportunities we feel our pupils need in order to grow into resilient, independent, curious and aspirational learners. Some of the enrichment activities are opportunities for our pupils, which as a rural community, they may have yet to experience. We are therefore working to offer our pupils the widest cultural and diverse opportunities during their time with us at primary school.


Each year the children will take part in one or more of the activities depending on the curriculum cycle. These events are institutional to the pupils as they learn during their time here, what they have to look forward to! 



11 Before 11 Activity

Hazel Lambing at Easton Farm Park
Hazel A Trip to the Seaside
Hazel A Trip to a Castle
Rowan A Journey on a Boat
Rowan A Journey on a Train
Rowan A Visit to a Religious Place of Worship
Oak A STEM Visit
Oak Watch a Live Sporting Event
Oak A Trip to our Capital London
Oak A Trip to Parliament
Oak A Residential Trip