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Uniform Information

All schools across Avocet Academy use Yourschooluniform to supply our uniform. Parents are able to order directly from the supplier and items can either be delivered to your home address, for a delivery charge, or to your school, for free.


Please DO NOT use other previous suppliers.


At Easton we have a royal blue uniform.


Children should wear;

  • Grey skirts, pinafore dresses, Grey trousers or shorts 
  • A white shirt/collared t-shirt
  • An Easton/Avocet jumper or cardigan (not the PE Hoodie for everyday use)
  • White socks or grey tights in the winter
  • Suitable black shoes
  • During the Summer we allow royal blue checked summer dresses.


For P.E children are expected to have a royal blue Easton T-shirt, black shorts and trainers. It is advisable for children to also have suitable outdoor clothes for P.E in the winter months.  Avocet PE Hoodies are available on the YourSchoolUniform website.  Alternatively additional dark blue/black hoodies/joggers may be worn in colder months.

Earring must be removed or covered by tape during PE. 


How to order School Uniform

Please visit  to order your uniform.

Type Easton Primary into the school search field, then click on our Easton Primary School logo and it will take you to the page with our items on.

They deliver free of charge once a month.  


If you are unable to order online, you can order via post or phone.  Please see the attached document.  If you require a paper copy, please ask at the school office.



The school has seconds of Avocet Logo uniform.  Please contact the office for information.


The Trust School Uniform Policy can be found HERE


If your child is leaving primary school, we would be pleased if you could donate your uniform to the school to be resold. 


Only small stud earrings should be worn in school (i.e. well within the size of earlobe).


Make up and jewellery should not be worn in school.


Hair below the shoulder should be tied up during the school day.



Order Form for Post / Phone