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At Easton Primary school our ethos is to create writers right from the word go! Because of this, the children in the early years are encouraged with their mark making skills and develop a carefully understanding of letter formation through refining fine motor skills and taking part in handwriting practices such as 'Write Dance'. As the children move through the school handwriting becomes part of their muscle memory and because of this, we use the 'Pen Pals' program throughout Key stage 1 and Key stage 2 to ensure the children are developing a clear and joined style. The children learn to develop their own stylistic features in upper Key Stage 2. 



The composition process of writing is often the most difficult for some children, it requires great imagination and creativity as well as the logical skills to use the features required depending on the style of text. For this very reason the children are inspired to be writers through a range of mediums and fully immerse themselves in experiences in order to be able to pull from these moments to write the most engaging texts. The children write for a purpose and about the things which interest them the most. The expectation of their writing develops through time as they become more aware of the grammatical features and choices of language. The process of creating a text usually follows a structure of talk for writing (experiencing a range of literature and seeing the features of the text genre being used successfully), developing and planning (often talk for writing is chosen as a useful method and teachers draw from the expertise of Pie Corbett to help inspire the language structure) then into the writing. At this point the children analyse their writing carefully from Key Stage 2 where they are able to make editions and improve the writing. After the drafting process the children complete a finished copy which best illustrates their skills in writing (including their handwriting). 



Spelling, grammar and punctuation is taught differently throughout the school. Although we understand the use for statically taught grammar sessions, grammar is preferably taught through contextualised writing. For this reason, punctuation is embedded in every lesson where written work is required. The children develop their understanding grammatical functions as set out in the National Curriculum for each age range.

The Impact of Spelling Zappers

At Easton Primary School we use Spelling Zappers to learn our spellings. We introduced these in 2019 and it improved the outcomes of children's spellings. Listen to what the children have to say!

The English Experience at Easton!

Climbing to improve hand control and muscle dexterity in handwriting...