School Clubs

Log onto ParentPay and use the booking facility to book your child into the after school date you need.  

Please Make sure you have specified the actual date.

You can add or amend a booking up until midnight the night before.  If you need to cancel a club, please make sure this is done before midnight so that your money will be refunded.  

 For an emergency you can contact the office on the day to see if there is space, otherwise all bookings need to be made via ParentPay.  

Please make sure that you complete the page thoroughly on ParentPay as your booking will not be confirmed until you have fully 'checked out'.

If you wish to book a specific club - ie. Yoga or Sports it is the same procedure as for flexi club - just book the actual date and your child can choose which club to go into.

Toast Club is the only club you don't have to book in advance - just turn up!  But please make sure you pay for it either in advance or weekly.

Any queries, please speak to the Office, who will be more than happy to help you.