Parent Forums

September 2017

Firstly a kind thank you to all of the parents who came to the parent forums over the past two weeks. It was fantastic to see you all and have your honest words and insight on how we can work together to improve Easton Primary School. We have already begun to action some of the areas raised. 



Parent Views


Safeguarding Children 

Unaware of DSL and how to report concerns to members of staff. 

Understood the need to protect children from adults entering the school.

Car park is great but health and safety risks are occurring due to car park being incomplete.

New board to be displayed in entrance area to replace small laminated sheets in reception with key information for parents and visitors. 

Parents will abide by safeguarding policy therefore not entering the building to use the facilities or classrooms unattended. 

DSLs have completed risk assessments on car park, liaised with building site to manage risks, Head of School has spoken to parents and children directly about the risks and how to manage them until car park is complete. This has also been communicated in newsletters.

Behaviour Policy

Parents uncertain or had never seen the behaviour policy before. Parents agreed adaptations made the policy clearer and understood the management of consequences for ages related expectations.

Some queries were raised regarding collective discipline - this is not in the behaviour policy. 

Parents are aware to offer support to challenge poor behaviour choices when children are placed on 'parent contact' and spoken to by the teacher. 



Communication in the school is good. 

The text messages are great to help when a reminder is needed but more important information than this should be sent via email.

Emails are great and the newsletter is helpful for dates. 

More communication about the curriculum in paper form would be beneficial (not just on class pages). 

Children's current topics and themes in learning to be given out on a mind-map style letter home to allow parents to see curriculum coverage over each half term. 

Letters given out which are missed will be uploaded to the website.

Parent Curriculum Inset

More information on the methods the children are learning in maths would be beneficial. 

More information on how to support children to be safe online and systems parents can use to filter content would be helpful to be shared.

Parent information sessions to be held on maths methods in October. One session in the morning and one twilight session. 

Parent E-safety session to be scheduled after half term to be supported by the school's e-safety ambassadors. One session in the morning and one twilight session. 

Our next parent forum will take place in the new year but meanwhile please come and join us in our parent information sessions which we will be running after half term!