19th Nov

Changes to the menu from October 2018.

11th December 2018 - Sausages, New Potatoes and vegetables (V) Vegetarian Sausages

12th December 2018 - School Christmas Dinner Day

13th December 2018 - Chicken Curry (Swapped from the 12th)

17th December 2018 - Burger with wedges, (V) Bean burger with wedges

18th December 2018 - Bolognese Pasta Bake, (V) Veggie Bolognese Pasta Bake

19th December 2018 - Fish and Chips, (V) Oven baked Bean Burrito


PERMANENT CHANGE: Chickpea and aubergine korma with rice on Menu 3 in stead of Chickpea and aubergine Dhansak with rice