12th Jul


Week beginning 15th July:

Tuesday: Meatballs and New Potatoes / Quorn Meatballs and New Potatoes

Wednesday: Pizza and Wedges / Vegetarian Pizza and Wedges

Thursday: Roast Chicken instead of Pork


PERMANENT CHANGE: Menu 3: Vegetarian option- Tuesdays and Fridays are swapping, so Mac and Cheese on Friday, Vegetarian Brunch on Tuesdays.


Please be advised that if your child requires a school packed lunch when attending a school trip - they are able to do so by ordering it through the school office. This MUST be ordered before the date of consent to attend the trip is given.

The normal sandwich fillings apply, Ham, Cheese or Tuna and generally the packed lunch will have fruit/salad, yogurt, and a muffin/biscuit bar type item. Children who are entitled to free school meals will be able to have a school packed lunch for free also.