SMSC at Easton Primary School

Examples of SMSC Education at Easton Primary School (Download)

Assemblies at Easton

Assemblies play a key role in the school day. It is an opportunity to discuss school events, national and global issues aswell as religions and faiths. Our assembly ethos below sets out what is covered in each assembly through the academic year and our beliefs about the value of assemblies.

Our Assembly Ethos

Assembly Ethos and Long Term Plan for website.docx (Download)

The General Election 2015

April 2015

As the country is gripped by campaign trails and leader debates, at Easton we have been exploring the roll of democracy and the part a General Election can play in deciding the way the country is shaped. We understand that in the future we will have the opportunity to have our say.

At school we have been starting our own General Election! With a given budget we have used our School Parliament to create manifestos about how we would like to spend the budget. Campaign materials have been produced and we are preparing for our own Leader's Debate which will be filmed. On 7th May we will go to the polling station (our hall) to cast our this space for the latest election news!