Design & Technology

Design and Technology can be defined as the purposeful use of inventive thinking and creative activity leading to the production of an object, system or an environment which best satisfies a perceived need. It is part of everyone's daily life. It is found in many forms: clothes, equipment, transport and food. Design and Technology is part of every child's immediate experience and is a practical curriculum area that involves every child in meaningful activities, which allow pupils to design and to make. Children are encouraged to develop skills and knowledge of a wide range of materials and equipment through practical activities in a safe and controlled environment.

In order to promote an understanding of the design process we believe that:

• Children should participate in Design and Technology projects that are meaningful and are based in context to a wide range of curriculum areas.
• Pupils should have the opportunity to work with a range of materials and equipment.
• Each pupil should be taught how to use a variety of tools and material with regard to safety and accuracy, and use appropriate vocabulary when talking about their work.
• Each pupil should have the opportunity to work individually and within a group in a variety of contexts.
• Children should have the chance to make various design proposals, suggest ways forward and evaluate their own work.