Griffin Class - Years 4, 5 & 6


This term the class will be taught by Mrs Box and Mrs Denny and Mrs Hunt who use team teaching to support learning, the class is also supported by Mrs Fletcher.

Welcome back after the Christmas break I hope you all had a relaxing time. This term we will be covering WW2 as our class topic. Elements of WW2 will be used to enrich the curriculum in all areas where possible. If you have any interesting historical, geographical knowledge about WW2 we welcome artefacts, books etc. to help with our topic.

In Literacy we will be working on explanatory texts initially with links to Harry Potter. There will be a continued focus on improving grammar and spelling. There will be a weekly spelling test linked to the RWI scheme of spellings.

Reading this term will be based around WW2 theme with class guided reading books relating to that period of history. The class also has a varied selection of WW2 topic books that children will have access to widen their understanding and build their curiosity in the topic. Pupils will be expected to complete reading reflections on their reading books to develop their understanding of the texts they read.

In Mathematics we will be studying fractions and geometry. There will be continued emphasis on times tables and key maths facts recall. There will be a weekly timetable/ mental maths test to aid retention of these key skills.

Physical Education this term will be on Monday afternoon with Yoga sessions and Tuesday afternoon for PE followed by Wednesday afternoon swimming. Please make sure your child has their PE/swimming kit in school to enable them to participate.

In Science the topic is evolution and inheritance this term. We will be studying this in terms of how dogs have evolved from wolves to present day dogs. Links will be made on how specific breeds of dogs are chosen for particular roles because of their characteristics and how these dogs were influential in the war effort.

In music this term pupils will have the music service on Friday mornings continuing the brilliant music provision from the previous term.

In art pupils will be looking into wartime posters and creating their own eye-catching poster. In DT they will be using their creative skills to make and design wartime models. In French they will be learning how to ask the way in French conversation.



Here's some FAQs about Griffins Class to help you to get to know how we're organised and work...

 Where do I find out about homework?

The children have a small, yellow homework log book which will have the details of any homework set.

 What is the homework like?

From day 1, all children are encouraged to be actively reading their own choice of book from school or home throughout the week. Children are asked to ensure they write a good quality reading reflection in their journals where they analyse what they have written to show understanding. We check these journals weekly and expect more from the different year groups/children. Generally year 4/5 should produce 1 reflection, year 6 should produce 2 with some exceptions. We encourage quality over quantity.

Pieces of homework that link to the topic work or to support their understanding in class may be issued randomly alongside the BIG think homework. Additionally, work that is incomplete from class may also be sent home to complete.

What are the spelling routines?
This year we are using the Read, Write Inc programme to teach the children spellings. This 13 week programme will ensure the children know their spellings for the year group they are in by looking at phonics, morphology and etomology in order to learn the spelling rules of the words they learn. This will be done in daily sessions for 15-20 minutes and a test will occur once a week. Find the children's spellings each week in the spelling zappers.

What is needed for swimming?

Please ensure they have a swimming costume or tight fitted swimming bottoms for boys as the Framlingham swimming instructor does not allow baggy swimming trunks. A swimming hat is also mandatory. You can purchase a swimming hat from Framlingham Pool reception at a charge of £1.50. If you have already consented (last year) allowing your child to wear goggles, they may also bring these with them. Finally they'll need to pack a towel and a healthy snack for the coach is a good idea as we find they get hungry after using all this energy.

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