From a Comet's Point of View...(2015-2016)

Week ending 11/9/2015
This week we have been looking at Fintan Fedora; the World's Worst Explorer! We wrote newspaper reports about Fintan and the chocoplum. We thought of our own interesting things that we could search for like the Chocoberry Cone which can be found in Nigeria. Next week we are going to search for the rare species! In Maths we did partitioning of two digit and three digit numbers. We moved through different challenges and some of us moved onto the Golden Challenge! We had a great Art lesson looking at Joan MIro and his style of automatic drawing which looked childish.
We built a Stuck Tree to help us if we get stuck that's why it's called a Stuck Tree!

Week ending 18/9/2015
This week we have begun to organise our stories by going on our own adventures. We used photos to talk about our ideas.
Year 4 joined us to investigate the Rugby World Cup, we looked at the different countries which are participating in this tournament. We researched their capital, the captain of the team, if they had a prime minister or president and what was the country's national anthem.
Year 3 and Year 4 have had a music lesson with Mr Peck, some of us will be playing the cello and some of us will be playing the viola. This week we explored what the instruments are like.

Week ending 2/10/2015
This week we have been putting the finishing touches to our stories and we are looking forward to sharing them with you at our class assembly. In Geography we explored the continents, there are 7 in total and we used the information in a world guide book; Africa, Europe, South America, North America, Asia, Australasia and Antarctica. In our Maths we have been rounding - you have to see where your number is closest to for example 189 would round to 200 (nearest 100) and the nearest ten is 190. We had great fun looking at Sonia Delauney in Art, she likes using circles!

Week ending 6/11/2015
This week we have been learning about the 1930s. We dressed up as 1930s school children and we have tried to sort 2015 things and things from the 1930s. We followed a 1930s recipe to bake cakes and we listened to 1930s music. We used photos and newspapers to help us explore what life was like in 1930s.

In Maths we have been doing written methods for addition, the Year 3s have been using the column method and the Year 2s have been using the numberline method.

On Tuesday we went Leiston to sing for our Academy first birthday and Mrs Geater came with curly hair! We enjoyed it because we got to sing and we got to see the other children and make friends. We collaborated to make new friends and good music. GO TEAM AVOCET!

Week ending 13/11/2015
The Year 3s have been busy practicing the column method for addition this week and some of us have even been getting to the Golden Challenge! The Year 2s have been learning to use the numberline method and for the past two days we have been adding numbers with units AND tens. The numberline has been helping us. We have also been learning about World War 2 about Winston Churchill, Neville Chamberlin and other people in World War 2. In English in we have been reading The Lion and the Unicorn which is written by Shirley Hughes. It is about a boy called Lenny who gets sent away from home when they worry about the bombs hitting their house. He goes to the countryside and lives in a big house. He meets a unicorn and a gardener with one leg. He had left his other leg on a beach in France......
We can't wait to find out what happens next!

Week ending 15/1/2016
Welcome back to a new year at Easton! This week Year 2 have been using the numberline to multiply. This is like repeated addition and the Year 3s have been doing the grid method with two-digit numbers. We have been investigating the number of toes and shoes in school and how much stationary we get through in a year!
In History we have begun to look at Victorian Inventions but before we could do that we had to know who the Victorians were! We researched their history. Then in Science we explored how Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb and how many things rely on it today!

Week ending 22/1/2016

This week we have learnt about simple circuits and how to add a light or buzzer. We will be using these in our inventions to help the classroom: a response system telling the teacher how much we understand or that we can answer a question. Today we went to Dragon's Den to present our ideas to Mrs Geater...the winning teams received 6 team points each! It was epic! In English we have been planning our Information Texts using sub-headings to organise what we want to say.

In Maths we have been learning about division, the year 3s have been learning about remainders and the Year 2s have been learning to use the numberline to help solve a problem.
In History we investigated different Victorian Inventions: did you know that Thomas Edison wasn't the first person to invent the light bulb?