Class Update: A child's point of view *New for 2014-2015)

In this section you will find a small paragraph written by some of the children, detailing what we've been up to in school.

Week Ending 19th September 2014
This week has been really busy! In Maths we have been doing investigations into 2-digit and 3-digit numbers. We have used our alien powers of Conjecturing and Convincing and Organising and Classifying. Our Football topic has been very exciting we have read The Hat Trick by Terry Deary and The Wonder Goal by Michael Foreman. We retold the stories by making animations and in shared writing we have written a story based on The Hat Trick. Mrs Geater gave us teams in investigate in Geography and find out which country they were in and which county they were in. Our engineering project is to design and build a model stadium so we had to look at different shapes and see how strong they are. We are really looking forward to next week.
Written by Thalia and Fynn

Week ending 10th October (sorry for the gap...we've been so busy!)
This week in Mathematics we have been practising our written methods for adding up and subtraction. Some of us use the numberline and some of us use the column method. In English we have been writing our own poems based on a poem by John Foster. We had great fun performing them and we even practised our handwriting when we published them. We also have been building football stadiums, making sure that they are stronger and more stable. We are looking forward to our trip to Portman Road and we will be looking at how they grow a really good pitch. Our Music is a surprise ready for our class assembly ssssssssshhhhh.
Written by Macey and Scarlett

Week ending 30th November (not as weekly as we hoped...sorry)
We have been learning about how people have helped us from the world of medicine and we've looked at Mary Seacole, Florence Nightingale and Elizabeth Garrett Anderson. We looked at how food helps us stay healthy so we have designed a meal for Aldeburgh Hospital. Also we have been learning about the Crimean War which is where Florence and Mary went to work. In one of our lessons we used drama to act out the battlefield and we have written a biography about the three women. The adults gave us instant feedback to help us improve our writing. In Mathematics we have been measuring and learning to solve problems. Over the last couple of weeks we've been going to swimming lessons at Framlingham College, it has been fun and exciting.
Written by Ned and Brandon.

Week Ending 5th December 2014
This week we have been exploring Polar Express, looking at both the book and the film. We have been describing the scene using our senses and some of us have been learning how to use commas to show subordinate clauses!
Our swimming has been fantastic! Going to Framlingham College has meant that we have got more confidence and had fun with swimming. On Wednesday Stanley's mum came to work with us, looking at healthy eating. We got the chance to make her award winning root cake! It was very yummy! With Mrs Geater we looked at how exercise can effect your body and keep it healthy.
Written by all of Comet Class

Week Ending 16th January 2015
First of all we would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. We have started looking at The Great Fire of London, we travelled through time to see what London was like in 1666. We didn't really like it, the houses were tall and dark and really close together. The toilets were disgusting! We created our own fire and read Samuel Pepys' diary to get an eyewitness point of view, it was very smoky!
Using the fire as inspiration we created our own poems all about fire. We eventually turned them into shape poems to make them interesting for the readers.

In Mathematics we have been looking at written methods for addition: the Year 2s have concentrated on the Numberline method and the Year 3s have been looking at column addition...with carrying over!!!! This proved to us how important place value is!
Written by Comet Class

Wow! Where have two terms gone?
Have a look on the Geography page to watch some of the videos that we created to celebrate the features of Easton. Keep a look out for the photos of our ice lolly project coming soon!

Week ending 15th May 2015
This week in Maths we have been sorting shapes using Venn and Carroll diagrams. A Venn diagram is made of overlapping circles and a Carroll diagram is made up of two lots of opposites. Mrs Singleton gave us a challenge to find horizontal, vertical, parallel and perpendicular lines around the school and the school grounds. We found lots! We've been carrying on with our work about The Stone Age and we had to hunt for Stone Age animals for our dinner but the instructions were RUBBISH so we had to make them better. We made a new set of instructions with more information and even a top tip!

We are busy planning videos about our learning in History, we have had to think about the different camera angles and adding detail. In the History session, we drew around each other and thought about what a Stone Age Hunter Gatherer would look like. With Mrs Curry we have learnt about the different Hindu Gods like Shiva who is the destroyer.
Written by Jessica and Scarlett