Our Ethos and Values

Easton School is an inclusive school committed to the safeguarding of all our pupils. We aim to provide a friendly, happy environment in which children feel valued and trusted. We encourage our pupils to recognise their abilities and we expect them to work hard and achieve their highest personal standards.

We aim for our children to develop:
· lively, enquiring minds.
· self-confidence and self respect
· respect for others and to be respectful and tolerant of differences
· an ability to apply themselves to all types of tasks and physical skills.
· knowledge and skills that will be relevant to them as they grow up
· the ability to motivate themselves and to be aspirational in their goals


When the children leave this school at 11 it is our aim that they are self confident and take with them an enthusiasm for learning as well as the ability to work effectively with others, so that they may be successful in their next school and beyond.

Easton Primary School Structure of the School Day

8:00am The school opens for ‘Toast Club’
8:35am Playground open to parents and children
8:45am Start of school day and registers open
9:00am Registers close – morning session 1
10:15am Whole school assembly (unless otherwise moved for class assembly)
10:30am Morning break
10:45am Morning session 2
11:55am Lunchtime for Reception/Year 1
12:00pm Lunchtime for Year 2/3
12:05pm Lunchtime for Year 4/5/6
1:00pm Start of afternoon session
3:15pm End of school day/Flexi-Club starts
4:15pm End of Flexi-Club

The organisation of learning in the morning and afternoon sessions are to the discretion of the class teachers under the guidance of the Principal to ensure full curriculum coverage. It is normally expected that Literacy and Numeracy focused sessions are taught in the morning and the Foundation Subjects in the afternoon however we do support cross-curricular learning in Literacy and Numeracy at Easton and this may present different opportunities.