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If you are worried that your child or a child that you know is at risk of immediate harm from online activity please phone 999 or contact CEOP by following this link.


Can I be your friend?

Ever thought how odd your online life is? Ever thought what could go wrong? This film explores the issues around the dangers of living our lives online.



At Easton Primary School, it is our aim to create an e-safer community which involves pupils, parents and staff. Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility and through regular training, parent sessions, e-sense curriculum and clear policies for all groups, we are supporting our children to become responsible users of technology which is constantly evolving.

All our staff attend regular training on e-safety which allows us to deliver training to our workforce, parents and carers.

Mrs Box is our named Online safety lead; if you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact her. She is supported by a team of Online Safety Advocates from Years 5 and 6 who lead a peer mentoring initiative by holding assemblies and workshops for students and parents.

Below you will find links to school policies; advice from The Department of Education and information about gaming restrictions to support you at home.

Meet our Online Safety Advocates
Welcome to our newly appointed and trained Online Safety Advocates from Year 5 & Year 6.


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They are highly visible around school with their lanyards and are the first port of call for the younger children if they have a question about e-Sense. The Advocates will lead assemblies and now submit contributions to the school newsletter. They work closely with Mrs Box and deliver assemblies and classroom sessions.

Safer Internet Day 2019!

This year our school took part in Safer Internet Day, the children did something in every class from learning a song about who to share information to, creating guides on permission for sharing personal information online and our very own e-safety advocates created an informative video to show a scenario you may come across when sharing pictures online... 



Documents and other Information

E-Safety Policy Please note: This policy is currently under review with Avocet Academy Trustees.

KS1 Acceptable Use Policy

KS2 Acceptable Use Policy


Great advice to keep children safe whilst using the internet


Think You Know


Report your concerns here!

Advice for parents and carers on cyber bullying

Advice and information about how to protect your child from cyber bullying

Protecting your children from abuse online

Advice for parents concerning keeping your child safe online

PEGI Ratings

Crucial information for parents surrounding the International recognised classification for gaming.


Esafety Policy