Structure of the School

On this page you will find additional useful information about the school's organisation and structure. 



Easton Primary school has around 80 pupils on roll, the classes are therefore organised into mixed year groups and Key Stages. In summation there are three classes;

Caterpillar Class - Reception and Year 1 taught by Miss Parish and Mrs Curry (replacing Mrs Payne whilst she is on leave.)

Crocodile Class - Years 2 & 3 taught by Mr Payne

Warrior Class - Years 4, 5 & 6 taught by Miss Rivera & Mrs  Box


Easton's School Day

The school day begins at 08:45 and finishes at 15:15. Each day the children will have reading, literacy and maths lessons and afternoons are filled with foundation subjects as well as the mandatory science and PE sessions throughout the week. Each class has it's own timetable for these subjects and the ethos regarding the curriculum is adapted for each age range and class (for further details on this see curriculum pages).

Each day the children take part in interactive and engaging assemblies at 10:15 covering current issues, debates and celebrations to enrich their understanding of the world around them and to acknowledge the successes and achievements throughout the week. Break times take place at 10:30 until 10:45 and lunch is from 12:00 to 13:00. 


Easton's Team System

At Easton Primary school we want to embed the development of leadership and teamwork among the children which is fundamental to the team system (for further policies on this see Easton's Behaviour Policy). Upon joining the school, the children are sorted into a coloured team; Jade, Amethyst, Lightning or Crimson along with other members of their family. Throughout the half term, the children compete to win the Points trophy and the Attendance trophy for their team. The teams also work together during school parliaments and on special events such as sports days. Each class has children from each team although members of Year 6 in Unicorn class have the responsibility for being a team leader. These children lead school parliaments, count points and lead their team during special events. 


Easton's Curriculum Subject Leaders:

The table below allows you to see who manages the different areas of the curriculum. 

Subject Area

Subject Leader

Curriculum Leader

Mrs M Box

English KS1

English KS2

Mrs M Box

Mrs M Box

Maths KS1

Maths KS2

Mrs M Box

Mrs M Box

Science Mrs D Payne
PE Miss C Rivera
Computing Mrs M Box

Humanities (History & Geography)

Miss C Rivera
Art & Design Mrs M Box
Design Technology Mrs M Box
Music Mrs D Payne
Modern Foreign Languages Miss C Rivera
PSHE / SEAL Mrs D Payne
RE  Mrs C Curry
EYFS Mrs D Payne