School Policies

Below are our policies which cover many aspects of school life. If you have any questions not answered on this website or you require a paper copy please ask at the school office.

AAT Admissions 2018 2

AAT Admissions Statement 1

AAT Anti bullying Policy 059 final

AAT Assessment Policy 035 final

AAT Asthma Policy 033 final

AAT Charging & Remissions Policy 031 final

AAT Complaints Policy Parents version 029b final

AAT Data Protection Policy 063 final

AAT Easton Attendance Policy Easton 034a final

AAT Easton Behaviour Policy 2017 18

AAT Easton Foundation Subject Policy 054a final

AAT Easton Geography Subject Policy 052a final

AAT Easton History Subject Policy 055a final

AAT Equality Diversity Policy 028 final

AAT ESafety Policy 049 final

AAT Freedom of Information Policy 006 final

AAT Marking & Feedback Policy 043 Sept17 final

AAT Physical Social Health Education Citizenship Policy 046 final

AAT Privacy Notice Policy - pupil version 061 final

AAT Safeguardng Policy 2018 Easton

AAT Special Education Needs Policy 030 Oct17 final 1

AAT Whistleblowing Policy 016 final

Art Subject Policy

Avocet Academy Attendance Policy Easton

Computing Science Policy July 2019

Drugs education policy

DT Subject Policy

Early Years Policy updated 2017

Educational visits policy

English Policy

Equalities statement

Mathematics Policy

Maths Calculation Policy

PSHE and Citizenship Policy.updated 2017

RE Subject Policy